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Eli again:), and here is My story in a nutshell.
People always ask me what my secret is when it comes to SEO and online success, so here is the explanation for that, I started to do SEO in 1998, and more or less at the same time, Google became a thing. I got a great perspective and understanding of Google's mindset by starting early.

And although Google has had many updates since, I feel that some of its core principles are still the same, and on that, I build my work when it comes to SEO.

Moving forward, I got into design, web design, logo brands, and so on; after spending all that time on the internet, that was bound to happen:)

And then came apps, which is the leading service I offer today alongside all the rest, and altogether makes the building blocks to building a startup or business.

Good luck with whatever you do
and never give up.



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