Branding Services

Branding Price Range

Branding Starts at $7,000 Two to three initial pencil sketches shown, one chosen to be created as final art. After the last artwork is presented, the client may request up to two rounds of minor revision. Additional revisions after this point will be billed at $250/hour.

If the client chooses not to move forward after pencils are presented, a kill fee of $3,500 will be paid for completion of sketches. If the artwork is completed to final, the full price will be paid.

Silver: +$7,000 The client may use the artwork in magazine and newspaper ads (domestic and international) for one year.

Gold: +$11,500 The client may use the artwork in all print media (domestic and international) including but not limited to magazines, newspapers, point-of-purchase displays, posters, and billboards for one year.

Platinum $16,000 The client may use the artwork in all print and online media for one year.

The New Branding Concept.

The goal is to make it easier for users to book a car, but easier said then done, beyond the effectiveness of the design there are a few key obstacles that we had to overcome so we can get the best product out there, and maybe also to reinvent it if we could. So let's start: Booking form application. (8 months in the making)

1. The first thing on the agenda was speed; we want the user to make a reservation faster! Much faster! So we had to reduce the number of steps a user had to make in order to make his ticket, but that's not all, usually the user had wait for very long between each level, so we had to eliminate the loading process between each step of the booking process, and let me just say that that wasn't easy to do.

2. We narrowed it down to 5 steps, 6 being your confirmation number, but not just any five levels, so what so unique about it & what makes it different from all the rest out there? Well, besides the UI design, the ease of use and workflow, there is virtually zero loading time.

“ Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
Leonardo da Vinci

"A simple design is harder to do then a complicated one" 
Eli, O.

We invest 50% of the time thinking about the design and its purpose and 50% designing it, for me, it's not about just developing it, it's about what I’m leaving behind and how people will look at my work and use it.

We design websites, apps, logos, & other design elements for my clients, I try continually improving my craft. And not standing still.

If you are a medium to a large company and what I do is something you want to implement for your company, then contact me for a consultation Consultation fee is $800, form that consultation you will learn a lot about what you need to do and what is possible for you in a 6-8, months period. 

Design beyond the screen on multiple levels, the meaning of the word “design” has changed dramatically in past years; now almost everything needs to be designed, even nonvisual elements, like a marketing campaign, and so on.

If you are a large to medium company with a competitive market and want to rank high on the major search engines, then you found yourself on this page, not by mistake, if you are a starting business and serious about your business then you to did not see this page by mistake.

Over the years we have learned that to transform our clients business into a success story, it would take more than just one element of improvement,

Every aspect of the company needs to be revamped and improved to match the other ingredients, in other words not to have a weak link, and to continually improve every element, to stay ahead of everyone else.


EST. 2009