Content Is Still King.

So you have a beautiful website, and you even invested in a mobile site, that's awesome, now all that is left is for people to find it!.

Is there a secret door to getting on Google's first page? The short answer is NO! To be truly useful, one must focus on more than one search term, and forget about shortcuts, or any secret doors or manipulation of search engines; you can’t outsmart Google, period! To start this information page, first we need to understand the importance of original content, never copy! To ensure that a website can be found on the first page of the search results, start with a broad range of related phrases.

70% of our SEO work is done offsite, but our primary focus is the content of each page, we make sure that it is original content and create different niches around the same topic. It's undeniable that users are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in the way they make online purchases. 

They want to find information immediately, and they expect to see it on the first page when a webpage is showing up on the first page, the first thing that happens is the trust factor, that page is immediately considered a trusted source, and that is a significant obstacle out of your way.

Business owners should keep this in mind because it can make or break their business. Google is the essential search engine; you're marketing effort should focus on Google, it is the most significant search engine and holding more than 60% of all searched made online. Without optimizing a site for Google, a website might never reach its potential.

We also learned that the majority of users would look through no more than two pages of search engine results. In fact, over a third of internet users believed that the websites listed within the first pages of search results are the top companies in that industry. If the content they are looking for is on your site but is not on the first page, then your business is losing about 70% of potential customers. 

SEO has changed dramatically in the past 20 years, and it keeps on changing every few months, so basically if you think about it, no one knows what they need to do to get good rankings. So where is the hope and does it still make sense to invest in SEO?

The simple answer is YES, and ill explain why, SEO is getting more laborious and more confusing, and many businesses closed their doors because of it.

but when it works, it's a thing of beauty; suddenly a company is getting calls and sales, its almost like someone had turned on the light switch, so to repeat it, “ Its worth it.” What makes me different? I don't want to say that I have cracked the Google code, and besides google keeps on changing things around, but see if this makes any sense to all you readers, since I have been at it for over 20 years.

I have some clients that I promote for more than 9 decades straight, every time Google makes a change I notice the difference between one or more of my clients, and because we do this for the same clients for so many years, we saw the slightest change and most times it is not to difficult to adjust our efforts according to the new changes made by Google and other search engines.

But this wasn’t always the case, in the beginning, it was a real challenge to keep our clients at the top, but it got more comfortable as the years went by.

I don't need to figure out what to do because I already know what to look for, and when there is a change, I need to compare what I already know and see what has changed.

Once I see if I can make my adjustment and then wait for the next change and do the same, hope that made sense.

Thanks for your time _Eli.


EST. 2009