To be truly effective with billboard design the billboard should be a no longer then 5 words and with one target (message) to get your point across, a billboard is not a website and it's not a call to action but there are exceptions to the rule like in this case the phone number is very catchy therefor we were able to use it but normally it is not the purpose of a billboard the billboard is mainly for branding and awareness proposes, try to make something more out of the billboard is redundant ineffective, pretty much a waste of time and money, so the thing to remember when one team to put up a billboard of your brand or company, is that the message should be one-dimensional clear, short and memorable.

Our Rates
$14,000 - The client may use the artwork in all print media, all online media, and broadcast media for a period of one year.
$25,000 - The client will own the artwork and may use the artwork in all media including print, online, and broadcast in perpetuity. 

Say what you have to say with less words - Eli, O ”


EST. 2009