FLIPMED Project Details

The New Branding Concept.

or visite the site at flipmed.co

The beauty of this app is its simplicity and efficiency. This app is fun and interactive and provides a wealth of medical information.

Study alone or with others by utilizing the study mode or the game mode. We guarantee that with this app, not only will you be learning and retaining information, you will have a blast!


The first of its kind and we plan to make many more future versions of it, right now it comes in English and Spanish.

We are open to developing it as far as the demand obligates us, this is not a simple app this app will benefit and help tens of thousands of students that are looking to become doctors.

This platform will not be only for this topic we are open to new ideas and to collaborate with companies and their projects, if you are interested and have a concept in mind please send us your information for review.

You can do so on our contact page.


EST. 2009