Imagine anything


Mobile ads are very different from PPC or any other advertising platform out there. The mobile ads will show up on your mobile device randomly without you looking for them or the product they promote.
So the conversion rate is lower then PPC for instance but the volume is amazing.
meaning from mobile advertising you can get as much as 3000 visits per day and that is just one example
It can get eaten bigger much bigger.
so you see its all about the numbers, lets say that out of very 12 visits from PPC you get one buyer and lets say that with mobile ads you get 1 out of 500 visits but you can get 10,000 visits per day so 20 People will be interested in your product.
and if you do the math the PPC of mobile ads will be around 0.25c as for Google PPC it can go between $1-$21 per click So what is the bottom line with mobile ads ? Well, there is none the sky is the limit. if you are interested in mobil ads for your business contact me here